CHANGU NARAYAN TEMPLE - Often described as the most ancient temple of Nepal. Changu Narayan Temple lies 20 km eastward from Kathmandu and 8 km northward from Dudhpati of Bhaktapur. This ancient temple dedicated to Hindu god Vishnu is one of the most important temple of Nepal. The temple as well as its premises is full of fifth century stone inscriptions related to the Lord Vishnu.

The temple, built around the third century, is bedecked with some of the finest samples of stone, wood and metal craft, Listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO, the ancients temple has been a preferred destination for foreign tourists. There lies a museum near to the temple for those who want to know about the history of the temple and Lichhavi era's King Mandev. Different ancient items including coins from different eras have been showcased in the museum. It is said that visit to the Changunarayan Temple is indispensable if you want to observe the complete cultural development of the Valley. Respected as one out of the four Narayanas of Kathmandu, the temple is situated at a height of 1543m. Telkot, Nagarkot and Sankhu lie at the distance of 7 km, 16 kilometers and an hour's walking distance respectively from this temple.

Changunarayan Temple


TALLEST STATUE OF LORD SHIVA: The 108 feet tall idol of Hindu god Shiva, situated at Sangabhanjyang of Bhaktapur is acclaimed as the world's tallest idol of Lord Shiva. the idol has been erected at the area covering 75 ropanies of land. the are comprises a beautiful garden and a children's park while the huge statue has been accompanied by statues of seated Nandi (Lord Shiva's favorite bull) his wife Parvati and his sons, Ganesh and Kumar. From this place bordering Kathmandu and Kavre district, a commanding view of the most parts of the Kathmandu valley can be observed. people from different parts come to visit during holidays.

Situated in a peaceful and serene environment, visitors can not leave without praising the impressive of the idol. The statue of Lord Shiva in a standing position with a damaru (Drum) in his one hand and another hand offering the blessing for the welfare of all has emerged as one of the attractive destinations for the people of Kathmandu and of different parts of the country. This place lies at a distance of five km from Banepa of Kavre district and at a five minutes walking distance from Saga. Visitors from Kathmandu have to travel a distance of 22 km to reach the place.

DOLESHWOR MAHADEV: Kedarnath The Doleshwor Mahadev temple that is considered religiously important is located at Sipadol-6, 4 km south of Jagati, Bhaktapur. This temple is worshiped as the head of the Lord Kedarnath. According to the long held belief, the head of the deity originated in this place while the remaining body part in Kedarnath of India. A large rock outcropping amidst green forest is worshiped as a representation of Lord Kedarnath. Common people can touch and worship here only three times a year. On other days, they have to offer worship from outside the gate.

Once dubbed as a haunted home, it started attracting visitors after it was renovated and turned into a model home. The house built with an objective to preserve Nepalese art and culture has been awarded by the UNESCO.

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