Pathibhara Devi Darshan

Pathivara Devi Highlights:
Pathibhara is a famous pilgrimage site in Taplejung district. The Pathibhara Temple is an important religious place for Hindus and Buddhists. It is at a height of 12,000 feet in Taplejung district. This sacred site of Pathibhara, the goddess of faith and purity, is located at the headquarters of Taplejung district, 19.5 km from Fungling. Located northeast at a height of 3794m.

It is one day walk from Fungling Market. This temple is frequented by devotees throughout the year. The goddess's name is called 'Paithivara Devi', with its beautiful, adorable shape as like full of rice. The local Limbu communities of Taplejung recognize the Pathibhara as "Mukumlung". In citrus, "fist" means strength or force, "malung" means plant. That is, limbo species appear to be the source or path of power or force.

Genealogy and Genealogy of Genesis (उत्पतिसम्बन्धि किम्बदन्ती तथा जनश्रुति)
There are many festivals and genres related to the origin of the Pathibhara Goddess. It is said: In ancient times the shepherds of Pathibhara had kept their flocks at Pathibhara. One day suddenly seeing the unexpected, the herds of herds disappeared. In such an unimaginable event, the Goddess gave a vision to the stunned and bewildered shepherds, instructing them to worship the sheep without sacrificing their origins and motifs.

Attentive shepherds sacrificed the most noble lamb by offering devotional worship at the Goddess-shaped site. What was more sacrificed was the hundreds of lost sheep that had appeared in the same place as before, the blood of the sacrificial lambs falling to the slaughter as water lost in the sand.

Seeing this, the shepherds shouted cheerfully to the goddess. It is worth remembering that hundreds of sheep, goats and herds are sacrificed daily to the Pathibhara Goddess. But at the sacristy, any visitor who has lost blood, limited, can have direct experience and observation. In view of the number of sacrifices offered to the goddess, a pool of blood would have to be collected here, but it would not. That is why it is believed that the blood-goddess Pathibhara accepts the sacrifices offered by devotees affectionately.

Today, the glory of Goddess Pathibhara, belief and faith in the goddess has reached beyond the boundaries of the village, district and country. As a result, thousands of devout devotees from all over the country and abroad continue to visit the deity.

How to go Pathivara Devi Temple

Destination: Kathmandu to Taplejung
Distance: km (One way)
Driving Time: Approx. Hours
Transportation: By Scarpio Jeep Rs 70,000 / By Jumbo Hiace Rs 1,05,000
Capacity: Max. 7 & 14 Pax
Travel Route: Kathmandu - Khurkot - Sindhuli - Itahari - Illam - Taplejung

Tour Plan
Day 01: Kathmandu to Itahari
Day 02: To Suketar
Day 03: To Pathivara
Day 04: To Suketar
Day 05: To Illam
Day 06: Illam to Kathmandu

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