Manakamana Temple Darshan

Legend has said that Queen of Gorkha King Ram Shah (A. D. 1614-1636) possessed divine powers Manakamana Temple - The wish-fulfilling Goddess known only to her devotee LakhanThapa.

One day, the King found his Queen disguised as a Goddess. Following the revelation, he mentioned it to his Queen and suddenly died. He was cremated and his Queen committed sati by jumping into his funeral pyre, as per the custom.

Before she jumped into the funeral pyre, she consoled her lamenting devotee Lakhan saying she would reappear near his home. Six months later, a farmer plugging his field hit a stone, cleaved it and blood and milk flowed from it which ceased only when Lakhan worshiped it with his tantric knowledge. The site became foundation of the present shrine. The present pujari is the 17th generation descendant of Lakhan Thapa.

The Shrine of Manakamana renovated many times over the centuries has four story pagoda style roofs with entrance from the South-West. The pujari performs daily prayers and ritual in the temple behind closed doors by offering eggs, oranges, rice, red powder and strips of cloth to the deities. On completion of the pooja of the shrine by the priest, the turn of the public begins.

Manakamana Temple Manakamana CABLE-CAR
Cable car is a recent phenomenon in Nepal that has become extremely popular with the locals and tourists alike. The 10-minute cable-car ride takes the visitor to the temple of Goddess Manakamma who is believed to have the power to fulfill wishes. The temple of Manakamana lies 125 km to the west of Kathmandu. Cable-car ride starts at Cheres, 104 km from Kathamndu on the highway to Pokhara.

In the past, millions of pilgrims used to do the long arduous trek up to the hilltop. Much still do. From the base-station at Cheres one can get to Manakamana temple in 10 minutes flat or less. The ride covers a distance of 2.8 kilometers. With 31 passengers and 3 cargo-cars, each with a seating capacity of handling 600 persons per hour.

Manakamana temple lies 12 km south of historic town Gorkha and located on a prominent ridge (1302m) overlooking the river valleys of Trisuli (south) and Marshyandi (west). The unique location of the place is dramatized during winter when the ridge appears as island above the sea of morning mist. People believe Manakamana Devi fulfills the wishes of her devotees, thus called the wish fulfilling deity. At the cable car station Kurintar there are some resorts, which serve tourists.


Destination: Kathmandu to Kurintar
Driving Time: Approx. 2.5 Hours
Travel Route: Kathmandu - Malekhu - Kurintar
Also Visit Daily Bus Services: Manakamana Darshan

09.00 AM to 1200 NOON and 1330 PM to 1700 PM
Lunch Break: 1200 NOON to 1330 PM

Tentative Tour Plan
Day 01: Kathmandu to Kurintar by Private Transport / Ride Cable Car to Manakamana. Puja - Darshan Manakamana Temple & Drive back to Kathmandu or contiue journey to Pokhara for extension trip or Chitwan for Jungle Safari activities.

Tour Cost
Rs 2000/- Per Person
Cost Covers with Bus Ticket + Cable Car Ticket (Go & Back)

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