Trip Highlights
Holy Mt. Kailash and Lake Mansarovar has always been a dream jouney for all religious, people of Hindu, Buddhist and Jain community. But due to lack of information, many cannot make the journey to these divine places.

The trip to these places is always challenging both in terms of physical and mental strength. Information is always an important issue and once you are aware about through professional operators and a trust worthy company, you will always have a comfortable journey. The best time to make journey to Rakshas Taal, Holy Lake Mansarovar and Mt Kailash is during the months of May, June, July, August and September. The early-booking is always preferable. May and June is the best time to travel to Mt Kailash, Holy Lake Mansarovarand Rakshas Taal. One can aviid rainfall in these months though one might have to suffer a bit more from the cold than in July and August. During May and June, you can also travel via Helicopter due to less weather disturbances. July and August is mostly rainy season. Particularly, if you are driving through the territory, the muddy roads can sometime stick your vehicles mid way. Likewise, during the Mt Kailash parikrama too, you might encounter flooded trails. Besides, during May and June, one can also enjoy the beautiful flowers, plants and sometime wild animals too. Septermber is a cold month. One can have a good weather in Nepal and border areas during September but in the western Tibet, particularly around the Holy Mt. kailash, Mansarovar Lake the month is colder then July and August. The sky during the May, June and September remains clear. In all other months of the year, the weather is much harsher and it is extremely difficult to undertake the trip.

Warm clothing, well equipped bags, Comfortable trekking shoes with warm woolen socks and down jackets, woolen shawl, are some of the essential clothes you need to carry when you travel to the western part of Tibet. Keeping in your bags some dry fruits and foods is highly recommended. Pre-departure check up with a doctor will prepare you and give you more courage. It is advisable that you carry extra money for emergency use. A trip via Nepal's we always welcome because of our past long experience, professional management and good logistic support and also the familiarity in language, among other reason.

Mt Kailash and Mansarovar Tour

DURATION: 11 DAYS EX Kathmandu
Place Cover: Kathmandu, Kerung, Saga, Mansarovar, Darchen, Dira & Zhuthul Puk & Mt Kailash.
Package Plan: Bed & Breakfast Only
Entry Exit Point: Kerung Border
Tour Start & End : Kathmandu
Trip Plan: Private or Group Joining Basis
Grade: Moderate to fairly challenging
Activity: Trekking / Overland Cultural & Pilgrimage Tour
Accommodation: Hotel, Lodge and Fix Tented Camping
Transportation: 4WD Land cruiser or Bus

Tentative Programs
Day 01: Kathmandu (1,300m) – Kerung. O/N at Guest House.
Day 02: Rest Days for Acclimatization, O/N at Guest House.
Day 03: Kerung – Saga (4,600m) 280km, O/N at Guest House.
Day 04: Saga – Manasarovar (4550m) 460km, – O/N at Guest House.
Day 05: Explore Lake Manasarover then drives to Darchen (4,660m) 53km. O/N at Guest House.
Day 06: Trek to – Dira Phuk (4,900m) 18km. O/N at Tented Camp.
Day 07: Dira Phuk – Zutul Phuk (4,750m) 20km. O/N at Tented Camp.
Day 08: Zutul Phuk - Darchen (14km) – drives to Mamas rover - Hor (4,330m) 60km. O/N at Guest House.
Day 09: Drive to Saga O/N at Guest House.
Day 10: Drive to Kerung. O/N at Guest House.
Day 11: Drive to Kathmandu. Service End

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