Kushma Bungy & Swing

Guleli Ping KushmaKushma Guleli Ping About Kushma:
Kushma is a municipality of Parbat district in Dhaulagiri Zone (Gandaki Pradesh Provience) Located at an altitude of 953m away west of Kathmandu valley. The distance between Kathmandu to Kushma around 257 km and it takes about 9 hour overland journey.
Kushma also popular bazar because of its hanging suspension bridges were built over the Kaligandaki river. The Baglung highway connect with famous place to go Muktinath Temple which pass via Kushma bazar. Kaligandaki River, Mt. Dhaulagiri, Annapurna and Khopra Danda treks route are another attraction here.

Kushma Bungee:
KUSHMA World 2nd Highest & Extreme Bungee Jump, had been tested succesfully last year on 30th of January 2020, by the Adventure company The cliff Nepal. The bridge connect betweeen Kushma and Banglung over the Kaligandaki river. The bridge length is 520m long and 228m (749 feet) Height. It is a 2nd highest bungee jump in the world. The Bungee free fall thrills offers a 5 seconds, and swing gets another additional 2 seconds of from the 228 m. Overlooking view from bridge is another attraction where you can see the Kaligandaki river, Mt. Dhaulagiri and Annapurna. "Guleli Ping" which is another attraction in this place which is set up once you cross the bridge.

How to go Kushma Bungee:
The road distance from Pokhara to Kushma 57 km & approx. 3 hours drive. There are regular buses available which is depart from Baglung bus park. Private vehicle and micro also available if you like hassel free travel with crowed group. However, if you made your advance booking through any agency to go bungee then host company will provide you transportation for go and back from Pokhara Lakeside.

The Bridges
Kushma is well known bazar because of its Suspension Bridges. Recently, a private company by the name of Cliff Nepal build the another bridge at Kushma which is specially design for bungee jumping. This bridge is 228 meters high from the Kaligandaki river and 520 meters long taking approximately 7 to 10 minutes while crossing.

Kushma Bungee Package
Package Cost Rs 8450/- Per Person | video: Rs 1500 with free t-shirt | Pokhara-Kusma transport, lunch, and bungee package

Tandem Swing Pair (2 Persons) Rs 12,000/- and Rs 3000/- Addtional Extra Cost for both way transportation

Rs 2000/- For just Go & See

Guleli Ping
Guleli Ping, An another adventure attraction in Kushma, which is 12 meters height from the ground level, is different from the ping made so far in Nepal. It is built in the unique style as like slingshot. Normally, the ping has to be shaken help by others people from back, but when the person playing in it sits on the ping, the machine pulls the huke from behind the ping is automatic crushed . For safety of ping, high security precautions will be taken in the construction and operation. Used high quality rope in adventure sports including rock climbing and designed by skilled technicians has become a model ping of Nepal.

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