Kathmandu Paragliding Open the wings of the freedom & make your dream of flying in the sky true. Enjoy cruise control in the clouds. Sit back, relax and experience the breathtaking views few people have seen history. Take your camera or have your pilot capture that priceless moment. Take-off and landing involves standing up and walking a few steps. No jumping off cliffs and crash landing. You just won't believe how easy and safe it is to fly with us until you do.

Kathmandu ParaglidingKathmandu Paragliding Take Off Point Kathmandu ParaglidingKathmandu Paragliding Flying Over Open Sky Kathmandu ParaglidingKathmandu Paragliding Landing at Chitlang Village KATHMANDU PARAGLIDING: Let's explore the sky dancing with the winds and chasing dreams and prove that gravity doesn't hold us back.
Take your festive season to new heights! Don't miss out on our exclusive paragliding offer, where adventure meets serenity. Soar above the breathtaking landscapes and create memories that will last a lifetime.From here you can see Langtang mountains range inclidng many other small peak.

Panorama View of Langtang Mountains Range
City & Valley View from Eagle Eye
Chitlang Village and Around
Soar above the clouds
Feel the high altitude


The season runs from early October until the beginning of May. The most popular months are November, December and January, because of the super consistent weather during this time.

Protective footwear, no open toe shoes | Pants, Jeans are great | Warm clothing layers & a jacket | Warm Glove & Sun Glasses

Duration: 25 - 30 minutes
Rs 12,000/- Per Person - for Nepali & Indian
Rs 12,500/- for Foreign Nationality + Chinese
Including: Video & Photographs | Transportation Cost:

Flying Cost and Schedule subject to be change with or without prior notice. Depend on Weather Condition

For More information
Drop mail: holidaynepal@gmail.com | Mobile: +977 9841 911150 | WhatsApp OR Viber: +977 9816 770504