The Handicrafts of Nepal are popular throughout the world for their superior quality, splendid worknanship and artistic excellence.
The receptivity and creativity of any given culture manifests itself through an assortment of expressions in this form of art, craft, painting, belief, ritual, dence and household items. Handicrafts not only carry finest sensibility and artistic experession but also cultural conscience about the historical and religious significance of the place.
It may be out of sheer love for the culture and lifestyle of an allen social milleu, or out of pride to mark the occasion of having visited a particular place or simply to keep the flame of reminiscence burning, souvenirs retained as memento play a crucial role in the travel habit of people round the world


Pashmina are made from the inner fur of the Himalayan lambs and are popular for their softness of touch and natural color. Pashmina fabrics like shawls, mufflers, sweaters, caps and winter wears are fashionable worldwide. It is more soft and warmer than the synthetic mixed and artificially colored febrics.

Pashimina Products


Carpet weaving started as a household occupation in the mountains of Nepal from the 1960's. Hand knotted carpets are available in Nepali and Tibetan themes with both traditional and modern designs in a great variety of colors, size and knots. Nepali carpets are very popular in Europe and America. These bright colored floor decoratives and wall hangings can be purchased in special carpet stores in Nepal.



Khukuri are curved knives used by the Gurkhas. The authentic Khukuri is made by the traditional ironsmith and represents the legendary valor of the brave Gurkhas. There are several places to buy Khukuri in Kathmandu. Especially at the popular tourist hub of Thamel. Khukuri from Bhojpur in the eastern part of Nepal are considered the most authentic amoung the differet kinds.


Paper Crafts

Lokta paper is prepared from the bark of a particular tree found in the high altitude hills of Nepal. The soft pulp obtained as a result of boiling, washing, and beating of the wooden fiber is spread in a wooden flame and dried in the sun. before it is put to use, Business stationery, decorative items like lampshade and wall paper, wrapping paper, carry bags are popular items made of the lokta paper. Authentic official transaction especially in the government section is also done on this paper due to its durable nature. Lokta paper and paper products are available at most tourist hubs like Thame, New Road and threee Durbar Square of Kathmandu valley

Paper Craft

Hemp Products

Hemp passport bags, backpacks, shoulder bags, laptop bags, jogi bags, hats, slippers, belts, camera cover, wallets and many more products are all available in hemp made by the local artisains. These prodeucts are available in Thamel.

Hemp Products

Nepali Garments & Knitwears

Garments like jackets, trousers, caps, and embroidered. T-shirt, are very popular among shoppers. Similary, such as pullovers, sweaters, mufflers, socks, legwarmers, bags, hats are equally fashionable. These items are available in Thamel and Pokhara.


Organic Tea

Illam, the hilly district of eastern Nepal produces world famous tea. The tea is wrapped in small puch and packets and very suitable for providing as gifts. Packaged tea from different tea gardens in the country as well as international brands retaining the original flavor and aroma are available everywhere in Kathmandu and Pokhara. For a taste of fresh tea directly from the tea gardens, however, a visit to the tea gardens in the eastern part of the country is recommended.

Organic Tea

Wooden Crafts

The Newar of Kathmandu valley are endowed with the ingenuity of wood carving which constitute items like intricately carved windows, ornate doors. Peacock window of Dattarey Square in Bhaktapur is the finest example of excellent workmanship of wood carving in ancient Nepal. This legacy has indeed been carried forward through the generations of talented artisans, Using teak, sal or rose wood, the artisans also make figures of religious deities, door panels, temples, stupas, window frames, tables, lamp stands, photo frames, assorted furniture and kitchenware. The places to look for wood and metal carvigs are Bhaktapur Durbar Square and other heritage areas of Kathmandu valley.

Wooden Craft

Jewellry & Gems

Necklaces, rings, ear rings and ornaments of gold, silver and semi precious stones are available in fine workmenship and priced less expensively than elsewhere. Ornaments of precious and semi precious in attractive designs and stones like sapphire, aquamarine, amethyst, ruby, garnet and tourmaline are available in superior quality. You may be able to see several shops exhibiting beautiful stone jewelry in Thamel, New Road, Durbar Marg, and other tourist hubs of Kathmandu area and Pokhara.



Thanka are sacred scroll paintings depicting deities, icons and myths of Buddhist scriptures and cosmology. The painting is executed in cotton scrolls, canvas or silk using gold, silver and stone pigment to create lustrous effect. The scroll art work is time sonsuming and hence it takes two to six months to complete the painting work. Although they are available in most tourist hubs, the best places to buy these are Boudha in Kathmandu & Ekantakuna in Lalitpur.


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